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Rapidshare, as a wise man once said is “loved for its capacity and hated for its limitations”.  Rapidshare is a nescary evil in modern life, but many people don’t want to or aren’t willing to shell out some major dough just to remove a few of Rapidshare’s limitations.  Fortunately there is a FREE way to make downloading from Rapidshare fast and easy.  What is this technological miracle you may ask? Why its the russian made software called Raptor.  This little wonder, once extracted from its rar archive has the ability to automaticly download a list of rapidshare files and BYPASS RAPIDSHARE FREE SPEED LIMITS. It is small and compact, contains both english and russian versions and can be minimized to the system tray.  It completely automates and speeds up the Rapidshare process Saving you tons of time.  In case the above link didnt work this piece of software can be found at: http://raptor.yamasster.net/eng/download_bl.html.

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