Lie to Me

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Lie to Me, Fox tv’s new serries, stars Tim Roth (who played General Thade in Tim Burton’s movie Planet of the Apes) as Dr. Cal Lightman, who is basically a human lie detector. The character is based on a real person, Paul Ekman, who has made the study of facial expressions into a science.

Dr. Lightman starts out with two sidekicks, Dr. Gillian Foster, a junk food eating psychologist played by Kelli Williams( probably best known for her role as Lindsay Dole Donnell on The Practice), and Eli Loker , who always tells the truth, played by Brendan Hines. He recruits a third sidekick in the pilot episode. She is a “natural” who had scored high on his test and made more arrest than others at her airport job. Her name is Ria Torres, played by Monica Raymund. They hire out to, evidently, whoever can afford them, and conduct interviews and study people to see who is lying and who is telling the truth. Then they pretty much solve the case. (I do wonder how real to Paul Ekman this is).

I have loved the two episodes I have watched so far. The stories have caught my attention and entertained me for the full hour without me wishing it would hurry up and go off. You can pick up tips for telling when people are lying, and I actually learned a trick to try if I ever need to try to beat a lie detector myself.


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