Do Raw Foodists Need to Floss?

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 There’s no disputing the fact that everyone, regardless of the foods you eat, should brush their teeth.  But what about flossing?  Is it necessary even on the healthiest of all diets?

If You Eat, You Should Floss

Let’s face it: getting food stuck in your teeth is an uncomfortable part of eating, whether you are consuming a raw or SAD diet.  I mean, how many times have you eaten a green smoothie or raw salsa only to walk around the rest of the day with little bits of lettuce and tomato skin in your teeth?

Aesthetics aside, letting food live between your teeth is simply unhygienic.  It fosters bacteria and leads to lots of uncomfortable (not to mention costly) dental problems we’re all too familiar with, e.g. CAVITIES!!!

How Often to Floss

The general rule is to floss once each day and I think it’s a good one.  No matter what you’re eating, even if it’s just bananas and water, you need to clean between your teeth.  You will get food stuck in there and there will be some plaque build up as well.

Plus, how hard is it to floss?  You’ll already be at the sink brushing your teeth anyway (I hope) and it only takes a minute or two to finish up with some flossing.

If you are eating some particularly sticky/stringy foods, you may need to floss more than once.  For instance, if I decide to have mangoes for lunch, I’ll definitely floss afterward.  Leaving stringy bits of mango in my teeth all day is just gross.

What to Floss With?

While any flavorless floss will do just fine, I personally prefer the floss with the little handle, like this:

These are disposable, but reusable products are also available.  Here’s one I found at amazon for $5.

Word of Caution

Ya know the phrase, “Too much of anything is a bad thing”?  Well, this applies to flossing as well.  You can overdo it when flossing; it is definitely not unheard of for people to floss too hard and actually wear down their gums.

So be careful when flossing and make sure to only floss the sides of your teeth, NOT your gums.

Go raw, be fit, and floss those chompers,

Swayze 😀


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