10 Easy Home Remedies For Curing Anemia

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Anemia is a blood disorder in which the hemoglobin count falls below the normal level resulting in a reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells. The major causes for anemia are iron deficiency, damage in bone marrow, infections, blood loss, improper diet, lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach etc. When the hemoglobin level is less than 13.5 gram per 100 ml for men and 12 gram per 100 ml for women, they are said to be anemic.  Some of the symptoms associated with this Blood Disorder are Weakness, fatigue, lack of energy, dizziness, premature wrinkles, slow healing of wounds and palpitations etc. However, this condition is curable and there are several natural home remedies for the treatment of this condition. Given below are 10 such easy home remedies for curing Anemia.

  1. Drink freshly prepared Beetroot Juice twice a day. This juice is rich in Potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, iodine, iron, copper and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and P.

  2. Drink the mixture of equal amounts of beetroot and applejuice. If required add honey for taste.

  3. Drink the juice made of equal amounts of apple and tomato juice.  

  4. Eat one ripe banana with 1 tbsp of honey twice a day.

  5. Eating Apples daily helps in increasing iron content in the body and cure Anemia.

  6. Drinking Spinach Juice daily can help cure Anemia.

  7. Eat 4-5 dried figs daily.

  8. Consuming mashed banana mixed with 1 tablespoon amla juice twice a day is a wonderful home remedy for anemia.

  9. Drinking Lemon juice with honey early morning is beneficial in curing anemia.

  10. Drink freshly prepared Apple Juice an hour before taking meals.

All these natural cures are highly effective in treating anemia. Taking sunbaths and body massage are highly beneficial for anemic patients. They also should avoid drinking coffee, tea and ingesting antacids as they can hinder the iron absorption. Maintaining a good and healthy diet and inclusion of fruits and raw vegetables are said to help recover from this health condition. Juice and Gem Therapy Remedies for Anemia  are known to be very effective in treating this condition.

Does the position of the Planets in the horoscope of an individual has anything to do with him or her having Anemia? If Astrologers have to be believed there is definitely a connection or relationship between the two. There are certain planetary positions causing Anemia. If these positions are present in the horoscope of a person he or she may turn to be an anemic patient. However the above given remedies can help in the treatment of anemia.


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