Memorial on Roadside

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Roadside memorials

As I read here on is it littering if you are remembering someone’s place of death, how could there really be a consideration on this topic? Yes we all have seen at one point or another, some flowers, a cross or maybe something small placed along the road, for someone who has passed away, that doesn’t mean it’s littering. These people who place these items there are not throwing out lolly pop papers, they are throwing out a cigarette as most due, and they aren’t protesting against something, they are remembering someone they love. I will say I am guilty of this, my cousin and his girlfriend died by a drunk driver in 2000 and each year I return with something to place their along with some other parents.  Now I could understand someone stating it’s an eye sore for an area to be over whelmed with things that are broken, flowers that are dying along with garbage that may have blown over that way and got stuck.

Ask yourself how you remember someone who has passed away? Do people go to cemeteries and put flowers on a plot? Is there really a difference? I believe that if someone wants to pay their respect, they should be able to without being criticized by doing it. There is more actually eye sores going on than a respectful parent or loved one putting a cross alongside the road. I have seen garbage bags from grocery stores floating down the street; however no one stopped to do anything.

This article may sound a little harsh, but when it comes to someone paying their respect, it shouldn’t be considered an eye sore. We all have our opinions, but think of those who lost the one they knew, think of how they might feel. We may try to justify a problem that really is a love for some because they want to respect someone, but what if it was you? Would you be looking down from the clouds saying I wish they wouldn’t do that, I wish they would litter?

Justifying a memorial as a bad thing or eye sore is saying to others that you shouldn’t pay your respects, that you shouldn’t miss your loved one or your friend. As long as these items aren’t lying on the road, as long as these items aren’t causing harm, why worry about them? I would want to be remembered, wouldn’t you?


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