RA Sushi in Houston, Texas: A Brief Overview

RA Sushi in Houston, Texas: A Brief Overview

City Center is an area that has a variety of things to do from shopping, dining, getting fit and enjoying a movie. One of their trendy restaurants is RA sushi, which opened in 2009 in this location, at 12860 Queensbury between I-10 and the Beltway 8. Once in the center you cannot miss the Red sign with the name of the restaurant, however once getting to the restaurant may be tricky, since it is located on a second floor, there are flights of stairs to get to the place.

The venue is not extremely big, they have a few tables but more bar tables which are at the beginning of the restaurant. The décor is simple and the restaurant has dark lights that give a nice ambiance.

If you arrive with a small group of two or four then the tall bar tables are the best because the wait is also less, otherwise a table is the way to go.

For starters you can order the salmon wontons which are lightly fried wontons filled with salmon, spinach and seasoned cream cheese served with a spicy mustard sauce for $6.75, or the tuna tataki which is thinly sliced ahi tuna seared and served over shredded daikon radish for $10.75, or even the lobster spring rolls which is lobster mixed with garlic mango sauce, cream cheese and mild peppers wrapped in a lightly fried wonton for $9.75, or even the spinach gyoza for $5.25.

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