Judge Rules Against Monsanto Gmo Sugar Beet Seeds

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When we go the store to pick up a bag of sugar, it is most likely made from sugar beets, not sugarcane. Why is this important to know? Well, there are a few reasons…

First of all, beet sugar was placed on the market, next to cane sugar, without really disclosing it to customers. You have to read the bag of sugar carefully, to even see which kind it is. The easiest way to tell the difference is price. Beet sugar is cheaper than cane sugar.

Nearly all of the sugar beet seeds planted in the U.S., are genetically modified. Monsanto GMO sugar beet seeds are used to grow 95% of the U.S. sugar beet crop. Most people are eating GMO sugar, and have no idea.

Recently, a federal judge ruled against the use of genetically modified sugar beet seeds. U.S. District Court Judge, Jeffery White, from California, ruled that after the harvest and processing of this years crop, future planting must be halted. The judge wants studies done on the effects of GMO sugar and the foods that it is used in.

Farmers are upset about this. Most farmers use the Monsanto Roundup Ready sugar beet seeds. Farmers claim that other sugar beet seeds have been obsolete since 2008. They are hoping that this ruling gets over turned so that they can keep planting their profitable crop, and not cause a major disruption in the food supply chain. Sympathy for struggling farmers, really makes this a sticky situation.

Hopefully the ruling doesn’t get over turned, but I think it will be. This whole situation was very recently played out with Monsanto alfalfa seeds. The ruling was overturned with a judge saying that they saw no reason for any testing on the safety of the seeds and crop. Read my article about that, here: The Supreme Court, GMO Alfalfa and Monsanto Wins Again

PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL - JANUARY 27:  Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser holds a paper plate that reads 'Monsanto Out Of Our Food' January 27, 2003 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Schmeiser is taking Monsanto Corporation to the Canadian Supreme Court for contaminating his organically grown canola fields with genetically modified canola. Schmeiser joined others in a Greenpeace protest outside Monsanto headquarters against the use of genetically modified foods.  (Photo by Andre Felipe/Getty Images)

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