Top Most Helpful Websites For Education, Learning & Research

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Top Most Helpful Websites for Education, Learning & Research

Directory / Archive of (Scholarly or Educational) Resources: – Trusted Archives for Scholarship – Education resource site of scanned print journals for research or learning. All of its preserved academic records are browse-able by Discipline, Title, or Journal Publisher (though requires subscription). J-Stor is from a not-for-profit organization that helps students, scholars, professors, or other academicians to discover or develop scholarly contents stored in a “cost-effective” “trusted digital archive.”

Online Libraries:

Project Gutenberg – the first producer of free ebooks (electronic books). The Project Gutenberg collection now has about 30,000 free ebooks that are readily downloadable online. Tens of thousands of volunteers and charitable donors helped create and develop this scholarly project of online book catalogue. – Trusted Online Research – Online Library where you can access reliable academic resources like Encyclopedias, Journals, Articles, Books, and other resources. The contents of are full text copyrighted books and articles, all available online. The site also offers research tools available 24/7, and with quick-print offline research services. – Website source of literature study guides or lesson plans to help with a student’s assignments or a teacher’s daily lessons. eNotes offers articles of literary criticism, synopses, or analysis. Anyone can partake in the scholarly community just by asking a question or starting a discussion. You can get help you need from the eNotes community instructors and editors on not just Literature topics but also on other subjects like History, the Social Sciences, Law and Politics, the Arts, Business, Science, Health, and even advices on College Life. – Online learning and research community offering study guides and discussion forums on various academic subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Economics, Drama, Film, Health, Biography, History, Philosophy, Literature, Poetry, and a full section called ‘No Fear Shakespeare.’ Site also offers College guide, Test Preparation, Spark Life fun tests and advice, and Ask Miss Marm. – With over five million pages of online content for student research, the site’s offering include articles, book summaries, analysis, criticisms, literature study guides, biographies, and essays. You can also read current news and encyclopedia information, plus access ebooks, quizzes, even the periodic table.

More Great Books Websites:

Random House – Fiction and Non-Fiction Books in several categories; with About This Book sections, and some Read an Excerpt and Reader’s Guide additions, and About the Author and Author Interviews; site also includes an ‘Award Winners’ section of the Random House, Inc. award-winning authors and books.

Penguin Classics – Penguin Classics reading guides (with Introductions, Discussion Questions and About the Authors) and reading groups or book clubs suggestions.

E-Books: – The Digital Bookstore – is an online source of both popular leisure and academic and professional ebooks from leading publishers. The site offers free ebook excerpts and also gift certificates. All ebooks are searchable by title, author, ISBN, or keywords. You can also search from different categories like business, science, technology, computers, self-help or history, philosophy, religion, law, and more. – The Free Ebooks Search Engine – is a free ebooks download library and open directory linking to free ebook download websites. You can browse ebooks on topics like study resources, novels, non-fiction, business, medical, technical, or tutorials.

Resource Articles and Helpful Reviews: – Summaries and Book Reviews – Free book reviews, synopses, abstracts, notes, and summaries from contributors, free content and information about everything, on different categories like, arts and humanities, social sciences, business and economy, law and politics, science, medicine and health and more. articles are rated according to usefulness. With Summarizer tool you can use anytime. – A Consumer-Generated Review Company. Great review and ratings website for students searching for product information and shopping for materials online, with Top Ten products section. Students could find the Book Reviews by authors or trusted (or members rated) reviewers especially helpful, including the website’s ‘Advice on Books’ special section.

Rotten Tomatoes – Movie reaction site community and resource site for Movie Reviews, Official Movie Trailers, and New Movie Previews, where you can read film features, movie guides, or news and columns; also with links to official movie sites. You can follow film critic reviews or participate in the rating community.

IMDB.comInternet Movie Database – search movie quotes, bios, plots or awards and nominations, or read movie news, or track up coming films, show times or new DVD releases

Informative Social Networking Sites: – Lets users discover the best shared contents (news, articles, images, videos) online especially on topics like World and Business, Science, and Technology.

Course Hero – The Social Learning Network – Provides study materials and textbook solutions on all college subjects; course documents could also be browsed by (US) colleges or universities.

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