What Happens To Us After Death? Can We Find Answers From The Near Death Experience (Nde)?

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Ever since the beginning of human history the most non-definitive question has been about “what happens after death”. Do we somehow leave our bodies and continue on when our bodies die? DO we move on into a different form of existance? Does our entire consciousness cease to exist at the same time that our bodies stop working? What happens to our consciousness? If our soul still lives on, then just where do we go? What are the determining factors of all of this?

The majority of humans are incapable of truly knowing without a doubt what the answer to this age-old question is. The reason for this is a lack of conclusive scientific evidence. There are however, thousands upon thousands of reported cases of people who have clinically died, only to be resuscitated. These people wake up and tell tales of where they were while “dead”, what they did, who and what they saw, felt and heard. Although the specific details differ from one person’s account to another, many of the actual experiential details are remarkably similar.

Skeptics often try and justify these stories by making arguments such as the brain having hallucinations while in the last stages of slipping from life into death. Others believe that these people who claim to have these Near Death Experiences (NDE) are simply making these stories up for attention. I personally do not believe that thousands of people would create such tales and furthermore, if they did, then why would they have so many nearly identical details?

Elizabeth Kubler Ross, a famous physician, author and expert on the topic of death, dying and the Near Death Experience has actually collected a large amount of data on the subject. While working with children who were terminally ill, many of which were hospice patience found that many very young children; many way too young to have heard stories of the Near Death Experiences of others and could not possibly have the maturity to create such stories have clinically died and have come back to tell stories of their very own. Children as young as 3 years old have woken up from being resuscitated and told of the bright light that is so common in these experiences, have told of leaving their bodies and travelled to hospital waiting rooms where they saw details of whom and what was in the room. They have described in great details the clothes people were wearing and the things they had said. Keeping in mind.. this was in a completely different room from where they were.

Raymond Moody, the well known author of the book called “Life After Life”, in his book tells details and stories of collected accounts from people who have been clinically dead and were brought back to tell their accounts of the details. Again, the evidence of what he found is overwhelming and very difficult to dispute.

The question of what happens after we die can be “answered” by people who have been there, however, it is up the the individual to decide if it is to be believed or not. So again I ask; what happens when we die? Do we exist in another form outside of our bodies? These questions will one day be answered for each one of us when our time comes.


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