Mental Disorders: Mental Roller Coaster Rides And Why They Turn Upside Down

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Rollercoasters are thrilling to all thrill seekers. They want the fastest rollercoaster ride ever built to take them on a ride they will never forget. They are scared; however, all riders will continue to ride roller coasters more than once at their favorite amusement park.

People who suffer from mental disorders suffer daily on their roller coaster of life. They tend to have racing thoughts that can’t slow down in their over anxious minds. Caregivers can help if they learn how to walk in their shoes.

People who suffer from mental disorders want and need their life to be perfect. They tend to talk about stressful events for hours if nobody stops them. This is where their mental rollercoaster takes off and may turn upside down if special care isn’t given.

Mental disorders are hard to understand for professionals in this field. They may never understand why most of their patients respond to stress the way they do. The only thing that will help is when parents, caregivers, family, and friends work together with true compassionate love.

Love is a powerful word. The word love needs to be examined as a whole and dissected into pieces; until all the letters fit together easily. Mental disorders are not easy to understand. The reason for writing about the word love is clear to me. It’s a feeling that beyond all others can heal the wounded spirit.

The spirit of love to me is all about our heavenly father. Think about when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. His mother Mary lay down at the foot of the cross and wept. This could be thought of as the worst mental breakdowns of all times. Mary’s rollercoaster ride was all about her journey that was far from smooth since her son’s birth.

Mary shed many of tears until that finally moment when it was all finished. She still wept most likely for quite some time. Then, as the story unfolds; he soon resurrected as stated in the Bible. Mary must have been saddened; however relieved. Her son’s suffering had come to an end. This could be thought of as Mary’s roller coaster ride turned upside down.

Mary’s love for her son Jesus was all about the word love. She had to try her best to understand her son’s unusual; however, important mission that was placed upon him. Mary knew that her life was going to be like a roller coaster ride. She knew she had to hold on tight. Her example to the world had to be one of courage.

My daughter has special needs since she was 2 years old; after suffering from a bad virus. My life has never been the same. The rollercoaster in my life never stops turning upside down. There are times when things are perfect in my daughter’s eyes and I can breathe for a moment.

I wanted to write this article because I’ve had 28 years of experience with the mental anguish my daughter suffers from daily. I can honestly say that I’m the compassionate soul I am today because of the journey I have taken with my daughter.

I dedicate this article to my daughter Stacy. She has taught me about what the word love truly means. It never gives up on the word hope

The Mental Rollercoaster of my life is one that turns upside down more than it’s ever right side up. I’m having an upside down roller coaster ride tonight. I want to cry and hold my daughter and just cry until all her pain goes away.

I’ve calmed her down for the moment. My tears are still fresh and wet. I know tomorrow is another day. God help me I pray.

I’ve had 28 yrs. of personal experience. I pray you all find peace of mind. Remember love is the greatest gift. Wrap it carefully!

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