Choosing The Right Size Toilet

Do you have a toilet at home that just doesn’t feel right ? Not tall enough or wide enough ?

Toilets or what we call in the plumbing industry water closets come in different sizes and heights. For near the same price of a standard toilet you can purchase a water closet that fits your needs better than what is installed in  your home.

When wealthy people have homes built, this is an item that always comes up because they have an architect to work with. A good designer and architect work together to accommodate the needs of their clients. By choosing toilets which include elongated bowls and toilets that sit off the floor higher is a nice feature.

Raising the height of the standard toilet from the ground and getting an elongated (wider) toilet is a common accommodation for near the same cost of standard toilets. 

The standard water closet is 14-15 inches off the floor to the rim. See picture below of a standard toilet.

Lets say your over 6′- 3” you would want a toilet that sets off the floor higher than a normal standard toilet.

For near the same cost of a standard toilet at hardware stores you can purchase a toilet that is elongated (wider) and a toilet that sets off the floor 16 1/2′- 17 inches. The toilets at the hardware store will be considered handicapped and sold that way. If your tall or a wide person you would want this type of toilet for comfort.

The other feature to look at is having a one piece toilet or a standard two piece. I will tell you that a one piece toilet cleans easier but getting parts off the shelf of a hardware store can be difficult sometimes.

I personally prefer a one piece toilet. There are many styles of one piece toilets. See picture below of one style,

Colors and styles are all available and will cost you more money. Don’t believe for one minute that you have to live with a toilet that’s not comfortable and doesn’t fit your body just right.

As a plumber I can tell you that you can get toilets that hang off the wall to fit all sizes of people from very small to very tall.

I’m sure somebody did a study on how many hours Americans sit on the toilet in a year. Get comfortable my article readers and enjoy your time spent on the potty.

Get comfortable and enjoy your bathroom. If your a DIYer don’t wait another minute, go out and get that new toilet for your loved ones and yourself.

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