Good Drink And Good Cigars: Fuente Fuente Opusx Double Corona

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Cigar Aficionado’s review:  From Cigar Aficionado’s June 2004 issue of the Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Corona:  A gorgeous, well-crafted cigar with a wrapper that has the texture of silk. It’s a very spicy smoke with notes of leather, black pepper and a faint hint of chocolate. A spicy finish.

My review: 

I first smoked a Fuente Opus X cigar to celebrate the birth of my oldest son.  It was November 2004, and I bought two Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars—one for myself, and one for my son’s grandfather.  A couple days after we brought my wife and son home from the hospital, we got together to smoke our Fuente OpusX cigars.  That it was bitterly cold outside did not worry me in the least—my father-in-law and I wanted to celebrate this occasion with a fine cigar.

From the first puff, I knew that these Opus cigars were worth the price.  I had previously been a happy customer of the Fuente Hemingway and the Fuente 8-5-8 (a good value cigar), but to smoke a Fuente Opus was worlds away.  The OpusX Double Corona has a little spice, like the magazine review says, but it is so smooth that you barely even realize it.  Through the finish, the Double Corona had my complete and undivided attention.

Although I prefer Cuban cigars, I will always make an exception for the Fuente cigar brand.  Since that day, I have smoked a few Fuente OpusX cigars, but I will never forget my first Fuente Opus smoke.  At a range between $15 to $30 per stick, I recognize that only the finest occasions deserve celebration with a Fuente OpusX smoke.

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