An Outsider’s Guide to Memphis’ Top Restaurants: Casa Mexicana

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How I came to find Casa Mexicana—On my first day of work in Memphis, I was taken to Casa Mexicana, located on Hacks Cross road, between Winchester and the 385 exit, for lunch by some coworkers, because I was told that it was a top restaurant for Mexican food in Memphis. 

First impression—We walked in, and it looked like your typical like what I’ve come to expect of Memphis Mexican restaurants.  Seating was very prompt.  Even for our large crowd, dining for lunch, accommodations were quickly made.

Food— Nachos & salsa came out promptly, but since we came for lunch, we ordered diet sodas and water.  I ordered the fish tacos, and was very impressed by the size of the plate—for a lunch order, I felt overwhelmed.  I received almost as much food as I would have expected for a dinner plate.  When I left, I was very impressed with Casa Mexicana, and knew that my wife would enjoy dining in this Memphis restaurant. 

About a week later, we took our kids here for dinner.  We had a similar experience, except this time we got to order margaritas.  The margaritas were so-so, but the quality of the food was exceptional.  My wife and I both agreed—Casa Mexicana is truly one of the best Mexican restaurants Memphis has to offer.

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