Vegetable Sweet Balls

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Festival season in India starts from the month of September. Onam, Vijayadasami, Dassara, Ramzan, Raksha Bandhan, Deepavali and Durga Pooja are some of the festivals of this season.

Festival means feasting with variety of dishes. People gather in their families and enjoy eating together spending their time in merry making and strengthening their relationships. Here is an easy snack to entertain the occasion. It is liked by children as well as elders.


Beet root                  -1/4 kilo

Carrot                       -1/2 kilo

Potato                       -1/4 kilo

Kismis (raisin)         -50 grams

Cashew nut              -50 grams

Almond nut             – 50 grams

Cardamom powder – 3 tsp (teaspoon)

Milk                         -2 liter

Ghee                        -3tsp

Sugar                       -4cups

Coconut (scraped)   – 2cup

Method of preparation

Roast the coconut scraping till it becomes dry without water content. Grate all the vegetables and add them in the boiled milk. When they are boil-cooked, add sugar and ghee and mix them well. When you find that the water content is completely evaporated add the nuts and kismis and mix them well. When the mix is cooled make it into plum-size small globules. Then apply the roasted coconut on the globules. Now the vegetable sweet balls are ready for tasting.

Since it contains vegetables, this sweet snack is good for health especially for children. This can be stored for a few days and given to children in the evenings. 


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