Love Can Heal You

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Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, mathematician, social reformer and Nobel Prize winner, has written in the dedication of his autobiography about the power of love—that love can heal. He narrates how love had brought healing to his wife and how time and company of good people helped her to be healed. His wife Catherine declared, “This friendship brought me deep healing.” She bloomed again. She learned to laugh again. She started believing in life again.

Love, even in small doses, heals  

I have the story of my friend, Philip, who was healed by love. At a trying time in his life, Philip noticed he was suddenly afraid of the dark. He developed other fears, too, which he did not have earlier. He was a strong and sturdy man of twenty eight years.

Being a student of psychology, he realized that the fears were irrational and must have come from underlying, free-floating anxiety. He felt the immediate need of consulting a psychiatrist.

But before Philip could go to a counselor, healing came from an unexpected quarter, in a very simple manner. He went to visit two of his friend in his village where they did social work among the poor. These friends welcomed him with unfeigned sincerity and hearty warmth. They went out of their way to make him feel at home. Three of them spent a great weekend together, chatting, laughing, listening and feeling really good in one another’s company.

Philip returned to his office with a warm glow on his face. His colleagues remarked that he looked happier and more relaxed than earlier. He was aware of that. In addition, he noticed something wonderful. Hid fear of the dark had disappeared. He had a sound sleep, like a child, whether the room was bright or dark.

He was convinced that the deeply loving and joyful meeting with his friends had healed him at some deeper level, without even having to talk about his problem with them. Now he is convinced and says, “I am convinced that love, even in small doses, can heal.”

Our experience in life

We can see many such incidents around us. We might have felt similar healings in our own life; or at least glimpsed it some time or other in our life. Perhaps, it may the memory of weeping on the shoulder of our mother. It may be an experience of being tenderly supported during a crisis. It may be a soothing hand experience when we had been ill. Love heals. It really heals. Love is the most powerful force in the world.

Loving radiation of good people

We find in the presence of good people a kind of radiation that gives us some relief; some soothing effect even without words. We can sense the warmth and security in their presence. It is the healing power that radiates from their loving heart.

Heal yourself with love

Make use of the love that the good people offer you. It will heal you. Make use of the power of love in your own life. Love others sincerely. Make other happy. Share your love generously with others. Your very presence will radiate the healing effect on others. You too can be a healer.

Healing power of love—start today

Love heals. Start today itself to heal yourself and others by love. Decide to love, truly and sincerely, the next three persons you are going to meet. Make each and every meeting a genuinely loving encounter. You will definitely find the difference!


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