In Search of God

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“Where is God?” had been the puzzling question in a young man’s mind. He set out to find the answer. He roamed about here and there asking every one he met to answer his great question.

All he met told him that there is God and He is the creator of everything. He is the sole reason for everything in life.

“Can you show me where God lives?” he asked a great sage sitting under meditation at the foot of the Himalayas. It was a serene place of silence. There were many more ashrams.

“God is everywhere. You can meet him if you sit under meditation and listen to Him,” the sage readily assured him the way to find God.

“He is everywhere, in everyone and in everything,” the sage repeated his assurance.

“Then, please accept me as your disciple,”   The young man sat with him under the tree, following the instructions of the sage. He followed the austere rules the Guru had ordered him.

After a few days the disciple asked his Guru, “Can you show me God now?”  He was in a hurry to find God.

“Okay, if you are so anxious, you can find him,” The Guru took him through the trees of the forest.

They roamed here and there and at last decided to return to the ashram. On the way, they saw an elephant charging towards the disciple. A mahout was running behind the elephant. 

“Get away or you will be hurt. The elephant is wild,” the mahout shouted and warned the disciple.

But the disciple thought, “If God is everywhere, He should be in the elephant and in me. Would He attack Himself? No, therefore the elephant won’t attack me.” The disciple was just standing on the way unmoved.

The elephant ran towards him, picked him up with his trunk and hurled him to the side. Fortunately he caught hold of a branch and escaped from anything serious. But he was terribly shocked and confused. He was wondering if the logic of his Guru was wrong.

“If God is there this shouldn’t have happened,” his reasoning was insisting more and more.

The Guru came near him. He was smiling.

“Guruji, you said God is everywhere and in everything. But see what the elephant has done to me.”

“It is true that God is everywhere and in everything,” replied the Guru. “He is also in the mahout who was warning you to get out of the way. Why didn’t you listen to him?”

Our reasoning is like this most of the time. We wish that God should do whatever we demand Him. We complain and disapprove Him. We never try to listen to Him.  


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