How To Select The Proper Caulking Gun

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This article will help you with your decision making in regards to purchasing a good practical caulking gun.

Have you ever gone to the hardware store and looked at the variety of caulking guns to use?  I’m sure you found them priced from $3.00- $40.00, and with a wide range of sizes and parts to them.  As a home owner or even a craftsman there is only one type of caulking gun you will need.

In this article I will explain what you should be looking for to make your life easier and do more with the right caulking gun.

Take a look at the caulking gun below

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy or what type of work you will be doing. If this is for yourself and you will be using the caulking gun a couple times of year, you still want the same features of the caulking gun that a craftsman would want. You want to be able to cut the tub of caulking , punch a hole in it to release the caulking and be able to use enough caulking to get the job done in an inexpensive way.. 

If you were in commercial work you would want the same features this caulking gun has but in a stronger metal and in some causes much longer to accommodate more caulking.

What the picture shows is in the front of the caulking gun is a metal caulking hole puncher and near the handle is a caulking cutter. By having these two components your able to get a tube of caulking cut, punch and place in the gun and your ready to work.

There are many caulking guns sold at your loc al hardware store which don’t offer these features but cost just as much. simply put “you get less for your money“.

Below you can see how you cut the tip off of the caulking gun instead of using a utility knife or pocket knife and risk getting cut.

The next picture shows you how you would  punch a hole in the tube to get caulk.

What’s great about this type of caulking gun is you can get more caulk for less money than buying plastic tubes of caulking, and having the  extra features allows you proceed with your work without having to locate other unnecessary tools.

Don’t forget you can make your cuts of the tip as small or large as is necessary for the caulking job your doing.

Good Luck & Happy Plumbing


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