Mga Alamat

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Mga Alamat

Mga alamat  A Literature of early Filipino before the spanish era in the Philippines and until today.

Alamat is a simple short stories or myths about nature and environment. There are many classification of Alamat one is focus to Bathala. early Filipino believe that Bathala is the creator. other alamat also focus on nature, culture, plants and animals. Alamat is widely searched in school mostly elementary also available in Highschool and some subject in college specially literature subject. 

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List Famous Filipino Alamat 

Alamat ng Alagaw

Alamat ng Ampalaya

Alamat ng Apoy

Alamat ng Chocolate hills

Alamat ng Bulkan Pinatubo

Alamat ng Ilog pasig

Alamat ng Hagdang Hagdang ng Palayan ng Banawe rice terraces Ifugao

Alamat ng Maalat na Dagat

Alamat ng Mindanao

Alamat ng Bulkang Mayon

Alamat ng Mt. Canlaon

Alamat ng Mt. Mayon

Alamat ng Taal Lake

Alamat ng bundok banahaw o mt. Banahaw

Alamat ng Sampalok

Alamat ng Tsonggo

famous alamat published by Filipinos and  American. Origin of Myths among the Mounatin People of Otley Beyer 1913,

The Origin of Earth and of Man ni Arturo Arcilla – 1923

Isang Pagsusuri at pagpahalaga sa mga Alamat at kuwento ng Nueva Ecija -1967

Legends from Mindanao of Dr. Corazon Martin Roquero 1976

Maranao Folk literature ni Victoria Adeva 1978

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