The Difference Between Cats And Dogs

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I was in front of the computer. I was surfing on the internet about work at home job when suddenly I heard my sister’s voice from outside our house. I stood up when I heard kiss’ name.

Kiss is the name of our dog.

My sister was talking to our maid and she told her that kiss was waiting patiently outside from our house. She was waiting for us to someone open the gate for her. Neither I nor our maid knew that kiss went outside from our house, but it was nice that she came home safe.

Whenever my cousin asks me what pet do I like the most, I always say that cat is my favorite than dog. I really like cats, but since my sister brought kiss here in our house, it took days before I have finally accepted that dogs are also nice.

I like cats because they are independent. They are sweet. They are very mysterious. Cats have their own world. They are not noisy when someone rings the doorbell at your house. Cats are clean because they use litter box. All you have to do is to train them to use a litter box.

That is why I like Cats.

At first, I really do not like Dogs, but days had passed; I have realized that Dogs have good character traits because of what I have seen to our dog, kiss.

She is wagging her tail whenever I went home. She is happy to see me at home and it makes me feel great. From my observations, Dogs are very loyal even they have been hurt by their master.  They know how to wait patiently to their master. You can also teach them to get things like slippers. You can train them easily.

Dogs are guardian that can protect you from harm, but it depends on types of dogs that you would get.

As for me, even if Cats and Dogs are different in terms of character traits, they help us to get rid depression and stress especially if you are home alone.


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