Flowers can help to keep you fresh!

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We all are living in the world which is full of Speed. We are missing the bliss of fresh natural air in our developements. There is pollution present on the every go. In such atmosphere we need some moments which will refreshen our senses and give us energy to do our everyday tasks. To make a change from our everyday hectic schedule,  we go for outing we get refreshed and return home; and after some days we began to feel the same feeling. Here is a small remedy which every household can practise in their everyday life.

All of us have a garden in or around our house. We plant many plants in our garden some are seasonal flowering plants while some are are decorative plants. The colour, Scent of these flowers  is a variety, quality in itself. We can use these flowers in our everyday life to keep our premises looking fresh and smelling refreshing. Even if some had not they can bring some flowers from the marketplace to decorate the home and add life to their health.

Here’s how : Take a vase add some water in to it. Go to your garden and bring some varieties of flowers. Arrange these flowers in to the vase according to their category or combine them together. Keep these vases on the table top in the middle of the room or in the entrance. This will definetly change the feel and looks of the entire room. The light note of the fragrance coming from these flowers will freshen the entire room environment.

For best results always choose flowers with cool, bright colours and very light note of fragrances. You can go for Jasmine, Lily, Rose etc.


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