Human Sex Cycle

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But sex has long been considered as very private issue, about which everything should remain a great secret. Because of lack of good education about human sex, it has been fantasized; there is a very high expectation about sexual pleasure in young adults. This leads to severe problems in marital relationships. This article deals with the events of normal human sexual response cycle.

It has five stages

Appetitive phase

  • This occurs before the actual sex cycle

  • In this phase there is a desire to have sexual activity

  • Acts like kissing increase this desire

Excitement phase

  • Penile erection due to vasoconstriction in males

  • Lubrication of vagina by a secretion in females

  • Elevation of testes with scrotal sac in males

  • Erection of nipples

  • Erection of clitoris

  • Thickening of labia minora

  • The duration of this phase is variable and may be 7 minutes approximately

Plateau phase

  • Autonomic hyper activity and sexual flush

  • Erection and engorgement of penis to full size

  • Mucoid fluid on glams penis

  • Retraction of clitoris behind the prepuce

  • Lengthening and ballooning of vagina

  • Enlargement of breasts and labia minora

  • Development of orgasmic platform

  • The duration of this phase is from half to several minutes

Orgasmic phase

  • This is a stage with peak sexual excitement

  • 4- 10 contractions of penile urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles

  • Doubling of pulse rate and respiratory rate

  • Ejaculatory inevitability precedes orgasm

  • Ejaculatory spurt

  • 3-15 contractions of lower 1/3 rd of vagina, cervix and uterus

  • No contractions occur in cervix

  • The duration of this phase may last from 3-15 seconds

Resolution phase

  • General sense of relaxation

  • Vanishing sexual desire

  • Refractory period for further orgasm in males

  • There is no refractory period in females

  • So, there can be multiple orgasms in female

Any abnormality in sexual behavior is mostly mental. So be happy and enjoy your life


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