God Loves You.

God as we all know him he has done so much for me I was homeless for 3 years of my life I was in a verry sad part of my life he always was there for me i was in to drugs and i had lots of problems years ago I never keeped a job

When I was on the streets I had no food I would dig in the dumpster at kfc in the early time and find hot fried chicken

I have to say I love the taste of it like most do. But it was so sad to be eating it and be so sad . I have to say I was at this park in turlock ca. There was a real nice guy who came to me in the park and he talked with me. And I felt the love god had for me in what he had to say about him. you cant hold all the pain in just give it to god and be strong and if you are not he will give you the motive to make the moment happen amen. god was there for me that day. The nice man asked if I would go to church with him. He was open about it I was ready as I felt the words of god going through me amen he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him and his wife at there home. I was so in shock because how many men just go to parks to help a man in need amen. I have to say I was much blessed that day god has a place for us on earth. He has open arms for us I love god amen. Hope you all know I ate dinner with him and his wife that night he made me feel verry welcome he let me shower and sleep in the guest room amen. I was so happy that nightbecause  god knows when we need help

He is always there to pick us up when we hit bottom. Now I guess what I am trying to say is he is there and I cant say it any better amen.

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