Top 5 Google Services

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Hey everybody!!

Google is truly the new Microsoft. It has an amazing amount of websites and applications. But to me these five services really stand out.

5. Gmail.

This useful online email is one of the best email providers. An uncluttered email is one of the greatest things for users and Gmail gives a great interface for people. It, like all good things is free. With user intergration with the Iphone and over 500 megabytes of space, it can be considered a great Google product.

4. Google Earth/ Google Maps

These two are two navigational tools. Google Earth is a satellite, free downloadable program whilst Google Maps is a street directory help. Google Earth is more a fun tool and a novelty item, whereas Google Maps is a much more practical online directory. Google Maps is constantly updated around the world giving good clear information and Google Earth is also well up to date. They both incorporate Streetview where you can see photos form a standing perspective of a street giving a more personal and helpful guide.

3. iGoogle

A personalised homepage. iGoogle is a teriffic homepage which allows you to add apps and games onto it. Something everyone should use!!


One of the most famous websites, created in 2005, now owned by Google. A free video website now hosting over 140 million videos with over 1.5 billion views per day. It hosts everything from sport highlights to music videos.

1. Google Search Engine

By far the most popular search engine, the Google Search Engine is a legend on the internet. It has been the most used website, surpassing facebook, twitter and youtube. The Search Engine includes Google Videos, Images and Google Suggest. The formula is a well guarded secret with less than  a dozen people knowing how it works. Google is used by many other website searches but really earns its money through the trillions of ads seen everyday.

Well there you have it. Google, the techological giant in five great products


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