UK Bans Taliban Video Games

UK Defence Secretary, Liam Fox urged the video game kiosks to stop the circulation of game where players can act as the Taliban army and kill British troops.

According to Fox, the video game is disgusting and tasteless. Starting today, he appealed to the retail stalls for no longer marketed.

Fox also expressed his disappointment at the video games made by Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) entitled ‘Medal of Honor’. “From the hands of the Taliban, the kids lost his father and the wife lost her husband. It is very surprising if one thinks the actions of the Taliban would be accepted,” he said, quoted by MSNBC.

Video game ‘Medal of Honor’ has been released since 1999 on the Sony Playstation. Three years later he also appeared for the PC version. In its latest version, which will be released in October, the story is based on the struggle between the allied special forces and the Taliban, where players can choose which side they want to play

According to one clip on the YouTube site, there is footage that shows a soldier fighting the Taliban in the southern province of Helmand, where British troops based.

“It’s hard to believe if British citizens buy a game that is not defending his country. I would urge all retailers to show his support to ban the circulation of a video game,” said Fox.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for EA said the new format of the game Medal of Honor only reflects the fact that in every conflict there are two different sides.

“We allow gamers to play on both sides. This has been done long ago. If someone is playing as a cop, another must be a robber. So even in a multiplayer video game Medal of Honor. Some players have to be the army of the Taliban,” he explained.

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