When to date, when to move on and when to be single

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     It has been a little over a year now that I have been living the single life. Until recently I thought that things were good being single. Getting to do what you want when you want is so nice. Yet at the same time, there are couples everywhere you turn. So when do you move on, get over that old love and start dating again?

     The signals are there. He calls, I call him. We laugh,talk for hours and just understand each other in ways that no one else can fully understand. Both of us have been cheated on, had breakups, been “in love” and we are both afraid to put ourselves out there. It is that fear of getting your heart trampled on again. Yet, deep down I know that I am ready and feel like he could be ready for a relationship as well.

     The look in his eyes is so gentle. He calls me at three o’ clock in the morning and his family loves me. I am there to listen, as someone who has been in the same spot as he is now. Just getting out of a two year relationship and having put your heart into one person then getting hurt. I have been there, lived that situation myself so he can talk to me and I know where he is coming from.

     It is my true feelings that after all this time of being single, finding myself and living life the way that I want that I am ready to date agan. That I am ready to date him.


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