Plants And Trees in Fall

Luminous crispy golden leaves, and orange and red leaves sway with the wind blowing from the horizon. It is again the season of Fall, otherwise known as Autumn. This season is a delightful time to walk in the shadows of trees and appreciate the pleasant temperature, a prelude to the coming winter. The scorching heat of summer is leaving. More time can be spent outside and take pleasure in mingling with bustling plants and trees.

– Watering

During autumn, days grow shorter. It is ideal to moderately water the plants or small trees for that matter. Plants and trees still need a little water supply. Research individual needs of each plant you have in your home to know what amounts are sufficient for them.

– Mulching

Mulching the trees will help preserve the moisture around their bases. Amazingly, mulching has two distinct uses: one for summer and spring, and another for autumn and winter. During summer, it is to prevent weeds. For autumn and winter, it is for insulation. In other words, it is for maintaining the best temperature for plants and trees when it gets colder. You can make use of the fallen leaves as mulch. Chop them to allow the air to circulate better in the root system of trees and plants. As the mulch rots, nutrients are added inexpensively to the soil.

– Pruning

Hurricanes visit frequently from June to November. Powerful winds brought by hurricanes reach as high as 200 miles per hour. For sure, it causes heavy damage to plants, trees, and properties. Trees near electric lines should be pruned to avoid damage to the power lines when a hurricane strikes. Tree branches, dead or alive, should be cut to prevent them from flying and targeting your glass windows and other properties. Remember to prune the trees during mid fall because pruning too early in the fall will encourage the trees to grow more branches.

– Removal of Trees

The removal of dead or dormant trees requires an expert. It may seem to be an easy work done with simple tools. However, it is in fact a very dangerous process. Your local arborist has the necessary expertise to cut the dead branches without damaging the other parts of the trees, or he can tell you if the tree can still be saved.

With proper knowledge and care, you can maintain your wealth of trees and plants, and save them for the next spring.

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