Warning: Cigarette Smoking Kills – Quit Early And Feel Great

For smokers, chain smokers and occasional smokers alike, quitting is difficult. This mind over matter challenge involves in most the ego and the discipline of a person. Smokers, when asked to quit, elude the proposition. Nevertheless, this is not the case for all smokers. Many admit the fact that the path to conquering this vice is long and grueling, but they are willing to take the path no matter what it costs them.

This item will reveal to you the reasons why the will of smokers to fight this life menacing vice is weak and unstable.

Smokers look at cigarette smoking as a self-indulgent activity. They think after all the day’s hard work and pressures that smoking is a way to unwind. Even though they are aware of the harm they get from smoking, they still think a little indulgence would soothe their feelings from weariness. Guilt is evaded by the temporary satisfaction they derive from smoking.

The way smokers feel about quitting smoking precludes them from totally removing it from their system. The feeling of being punished as a result of depriving themselves of smoking is what controls their mind. This is where all the harmful lies come in. The precise reason why they cannot stop is they want to do it!

Cigarettes contain nicotine and dopamine, which give the feeling of contentment. These components are addictive. Nevertheless, someone with the will power to stop this vice can do it. I had seen many former smokers, who are my friends, quit smoking. As I look at them now, I can see what great changes emanated from them. They are very happy and their contentment now is incomparable to what they had when they still smoked.

I wonder sometimes why others cannot quit smoking. Why do people continue destroying themselves?

Sometimes I take this challenge to my friends who still smoke. I tell them to try decreasing sticks of cigarette in their daily consumption for a week and advice them to tell me how they feel and look afterward. They just smile and chide me for allegedly trying to mess their pleasures.

Researchers say that a stick of cigarette decreases life by about 20 seconds. Cigarettes contain approximately 4000 toxic chemicals in it. Imagine what these chemicals can do to a smoker. Diseases derived from smoking lead a smoker to a long and painful journey. Smoking causes cancers, heart ailments, organ failures, and many others.

Do not lose hope if you are a smoker. Quit early now and see what wonderful benefits you will gain from quitting. If others can, why can’t you?

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