Quality Time With Kids: An Essential Aspect of Parenting

Awareness of parents on the negative effects of allowing kids to spend so much time watching TV can help in parenting. Studies reveal deficiencies of children in school are attributed to watching TV. Their ability to socialize with peers is also affected and will manifest soon in their lives.

This problem nowadays brought about by too much preference for media-related environment is a cold barrier to parents spending quality time with their children, which is traditionally the best way to develop a child and nurture family relationships towards a stimulated, warm, and caring environment.

Learning through video locks up the child in a secluded, desolate room. It promotes a dormant life and gears the child to troubles such as obesity. It totally hooks up a kid in an unmotivated state. The child does not develop social skills that would later be essential for social interaction. Too many television programs and computer games promote solitude and it has damages the psychological development of the child. Developing effective interaction for a child is achieved in a conducive environment like the school where he interacts with classmates, human beings who talk unlike the characters in TV. Watching TV cannot challenge the mind of a child into opposing what he sees or hears.

Does it not hurt your feelings if you become aware that you are the one impeding the development of your own child?

How then can you be the most for your kid? It is very easy. You can steer your child en route to full development. Learn creative and fun-filled family activities where all can participate and contribute. The entire family would be more than willing to do this. Emotional attachments in the family are nurtured and enhanced. Get ideas from all over which you can certainly find in bookstores, sport houses, game houses, and from the internet. Mind games are rewarding, for example.

Play, or do activities relevant to the age of your child or children. Activities or games should be also gender sensitive.

Throughout the year and during specific special celebrations, you can integrate into your activities or games tasks for your children to use their ideas and develop their artistic side. For instance, during Halloween, you can tell them to make their own costumes provided you give them the resources. They can design these on their own. It’s some sort of accomplishment for them and it satisfies them for sure. During Christmas, let them create cards to be sent to relatives and friends and special people like their teachers.

On weekends, you can teach your child some natural skills like gardening, landscaping, and so on. You can also encourage ingenuity in your children by teaching them how to build miniature things like airplanes, small houses, or origami items. They can gain personal satisfaction for small but meaningful accomplishments.

Activities done collectively by families are great for developing teamwork. It will be a salient experience, which your child can use in the real world when he or she grows up.

In the course of the activities, document or save them by photographs or videos and you can relive them as very good memories in the future. Together, you can watch them and cherish the events. You will remember how you contributed to your child’s growth well.

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