You Are Your Best Friend, Created in The Image of God

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How do you perceive yourself? Do you think you act or think resembling the real you? Do you look into your reflection and say positive aphorisms towards yourself? “I am handsome! I am great!, I am a genius!” Do these words tell who you are? Or are you having thoughts like, “I am a loser, I am dumb, I am hopeless?” What opinions do you have about yourself on a regular note?

Realize we spend more time with ourselves more than with anyone else. Many times, we speak with ourselves. Self-talk is very necessary for our self-growth. It is the reason why we have to be our own best friend. This world has fallen into disarray and there is too much to worry about life if we deeply reflect on it. Inflicting self-beating to ourselves is a mortal transgression.

All throughout our life, what we hear rings to us and subconsciously we self-speak it to ourselves. Tapes on your mind keep playing and playing. Consequently, you may suffer from feelings of being a worthless human being. We are not worthless. We are all sons and daughters of God or whatever you may call Him. We are created in His image, all with purpose in life that we need to recognize and fulfill. There is no such thing or person as a scrap.

Feeling guilty of whatever failure or sin we did, we punish ourselves. Imagine a real friend kicking a friend when he is down. You should take care of yourself and no good friend strikes a friend in times of trouble. We should not reason out for our failures. Failure is not innate in us. It is a happening.

Let it be known that there is an enemy who is like a roaring lion that roams around seeking whom he may devour (John 10:10). He eludes and does not need assistance.

Unfortunately, a lot of us heard negative things from our parents, our family, our detractors, or people whom we spend a lot of time. What bad we get from them, eliminate them and break it. Treat yourself as nicely as you must for yourself.

Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and tell yourself, you feel sorry for your misdeeds and that you truly believe you can be a better person. After all, we are not perfect as our Creator. Feel the presence of God in your life and he safeguards you from any destruction, and no one can be against you (Romans 8:31).

Practicing moral and respectable self-talk will dramatically improve your self-esteem and self worth. You will get used to it and everyday of your life is bright and hopeful.

The way we think creates us. Our feelings are governed by our beliefs. We will feel better and will do things better when we see ourselves as better persons.

We must love ourselves before we can love anyone else (Mark 12:31). God loves you. Why should you hate yourself?


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