Does Socializing Stop Weight Loss?

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You are into a weight loss program. You eat low fat foods on a regular basis. You are working out more than 4 hours a day. In the evening, you enjoy going out with your friends. You drink red wine with your friends as you go into friendly chat. You wake up in the morning and you look at your body in the mirror. You ask yourself why you do not progress losing weight. Something is wrong, you say.

Alcohol might be the mysterious reason you are looking for.

Since the earliest times, people drank to socialize and for many other personal reasons. People enjoy drinking wine while eating. Some, like the laborers, drink wine to sooth their tired bodies. I hear others saying they drink to relax and momentarily forget their problems. Heavy drinkers believe that drinking curbs appetite, so they do.

Wine assists in food digestion. Red wine made from grapes does have secret health benefits. But unknown to many, alcohol contributes to slow fat loss. The problem with alcohol is it is loaded with sugar. Alcohol converts quite simply to sugar. This type of sugar increases insulin in the body and it is very arduous to lose weight.

The two hormones responsible for fat processing are insulin and glycogen. Insulin in high levels causes the body to store large quantities of fat. You may be wondering what glycogen is. It is the opposite of insulin. It utilizes fat rather than sugar. High levels of glycogen in your body will enable you to lose fat.

Alcoholic drinks are usually mixed with other drinks to add to its taste. These drinks are loaded with plenty of sugar. Juices, soda, and assorted mixers are sweetened and carry lots of destructive sugar. Calories in these drinks are transformed into sugar that adds to our weight. This is bad for our goal to lose weight and we may not realize it.

Our bodies, when alcohol is present, store foods we take and process them later to become fats. What is produced is what we call stomach fat, common to men who drink alcohol a lot. This is what we call beer belly. Men with big bellies lose good looks, and women tend to avoid them.

Do not think you will never taste alcohol again. That is ridiculous. You can still enjoy your favorite wine but drink with moderation. Your success towards remarkable weight loss is your goal, so try to skip drinking sessions. You can socialize without drinking too much alcohol and yet you can take pleasure in socializing with your friends.


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