Wow Customer Service – The Top 7 Secrets

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1. Giving others your full attention is the best thing you can do for good customer service.

2. Do the unexpected to surprise them. The airline British Airways found out that the mood of passengers improves when the staffs go out of their way to do something that is not expected of them like chatting to the passengers or inviting them to the flight deck to see what’s happening. It is important that these sorts of gestures are not things that are done normally so as to keep them a surprise.

3. Look after the little things. If you make sure you give your full attention to smaller things that don’t necessarily affect the overall service, then that is your way of saying: “If we concentrate this hard on small, possibly insignificant things, just consider how much time we will spend on the bigger things.” Examples of this sort of attention to detail include cleaning the bathrooms to perfection, and not talking down to customers when making announcements.

4. Know what the customer wants at all times. Customers who took a survey relating to the check-in staff at airports said that those who acted on their needs before they wanted anything are considered to be the best. These members of the staff would keep checking the queue and work out the specific needs of the customers waiting. This may be a customer wanting help with heavy luggage, perhaps.

5. Remember to always say “Yes”. If you have fantastic customer service, then you should not even consider turning down any request from a customer for assistance. Staff should always try to get someone to help even if they can’t. They should remain positive at all times. Even if they can’t help right now they should make sure they let the customer know when they can help.

6. Treat each customer on their own merits. Many of us hate to see other customers receiving better service than us wherever we go. It only serves to make us feel undervalued. But also, we don’t wish to all be treated exactly the same if it means we are treated as robots with no feelings. The secret to good customer service is to treat each customer on his or her own merits to keep everyone happy.

7. Be Tactful. If you are tactful it means that you deal with situations in order to not embarrass the individual in question. Tact really saves a lot of embarrassment in difficult situations. It is definitely something that a customer will spot, but something that should be done discreetly.

Put these 7 tips in practice until you are extremely familiar with them, and you will be sure to have customers running to you for help.


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