Blackberry 9500 Storm, a Detailed Cell Phone

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What are the criteria of a good handset? Well! The answer is simple; it should be attractive in looks and have some good features to be used as personally and professionally as needed. If you are looking for that kind of set with above described set of features then Blackberry 9500 Storm is there for you in today’s market.

The handset weighs only 155 grams with its battery included and fitted. The measurements are compact and quite slim with 14mm by 62.2 mm by 112.5 mm. The design is gorgeous and attractive; it has shining black casing with silver on its edges which looks very beautiful.

QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 inches wide touch screen is a huge addition to options in its beauty. And there are a lot of options which even include SureType® feature.

For navigation purposes, Blackberry 9500 Storm is empowered with BlackBerry® maps which are supported by GPS, which is quite handy also.

A reasonable talk time of five and a half hours is provided when fully charged and a standby time of 360 hours when not in use. The batteries are rechargeable and recharging process is quite portable.  You can charge it even with your laptop. Well, time period also depends on the method or the way you adopted to charge your batteries.

The Blackberry 9500 Storm have some regular features like sms, mms, organizer, reminder and alarm options. Music system is also included in handset; it offers some amazing formats like AAC, MP3, AAC+, WMA etc. When it comes to managing your music then The Roxio® is the latest in the Blackberry series to have some outstanding results.

In a similar way, a camera of 3.2 megapixels is also fitted into the handset to take still photos and make some video footage with reasonable and optimized results.

128 megabyte is the internal memory of the handset, 1 gigabyte of memory is also provided additionally on board. One of the strongest points of this handset is its expandable memory up to 8 gigabytes with the use of MicroSD™ memory card technology.

EDGE technology, GPRS and HSDPA are the main features of the handset which ensure that the connectivity of the internet is fast. Multitasking can be enjoyed by user by means of these entire connectivity features. Data transfer rates are also quick due to all these features. Bluetooth® technology and USB cable connectivity complements the handset entirely and makes it a great choice.


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