Dating Sucks, But Everyone Must Date!

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Think about the first time you ever went on a date. The preparation involved, the anxiousness, the anticipation. Let me rewind time and take you on a trip down memory lane. I was a young lad with big dreams and ambition. Goals so huge one would be afraid to attempt to achieve them. It was the summer and I was 14. I was in the transition year of moving from middle school to high school. I notice a young girl on the weekend at one of my hockey games. As I appoarched her, I was nervous, however at the same time the adrenaline flowed as if I was on break away with 15 seconds left in the 3rd period. She noticed me heading towards her and giggled something to her friend sitting next to her. Now my first thought is oh no, so thinks I am creepy, should I leave or should I go for it. I chose to go ahead and talk to her. I didn’t start with my name, or ask for hers, cause lets be honest, no one cares what your name is, especially if you’re boring. You are trying to build rapport and in order to do this you need to keep the conversation general. I asked her if she saw the last game; she confimed with a yes. So we started to discuss hockey and how she gets stuck every weekend having to watch her brother’s hockey games. So I said, why don’t you and I go and have some fun instead the next weekend. She looked at me surprised and asked for my name. I responded with it and asked for hers. She was hooked and I knew it. It all starts with the opening act as I call it. Once the appoarch is over, it moves onto figuring each other out. The problem with this, is that most people are guarded and for good reason. At that young age the guard is low as they do not have to deal with all the bs that future dating involves. It is as if, every woman that we men consider to be bitches are really not. It is just a protection mechanism they use to keep them safe. Whether it be them making fun of you or treating you badly, it is all an illusion. At the end of the day, that beautiful “bitch” will get laid. I have found people to be fake or liars and that is why dating sucks. The problem is we must date, we have no choice. The Mr. right or Mrs. right, does not just appear in our lap. It takes work and that’s why dating sucks. It is like a filing cabinet filled with years of documents and the document you need is the very last one. Sometimes the person isn’t as perfect as the world would like, but is the person perfect for you. Who cares what anyone thinks, what matters is, what do you think? Things change though, cause who you are at 20 is not the same as 28. What you wanted when you were young, is not what you want when you are older. Young people go for looks and looks alone. Older people look into what the person has to offer and the prospect of a family with that person.


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