Get Involved For Our Kids!

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            She’s a fixture at the school where my wife works. She knows me on sight, and more, by voice on phone. I am only one of many, many people that come into contact with Cynthia Moore at Brooksville Elementary School.  She’s been there at the front office, keeping up with everything going on. She has done this for years, and now wants to do the same for us and our children. Cynthia has been running for a spot on the school board.

             On Tuesday’s election, Cynthia came away with thirty three percent of the vote, within striking distance of the incumbent. In fact, Moore has cleared the first jump, and will now participate in a runoff election. Her running has gotten me thinking, and gotten me involved. After all, my kids, and many of yours, will be going to school for years to come.  Cynthia Moore would be a fantastic person to serve as a member of the school board.

            Five points to consider:

  •      Cynthia is a formers teacher with years of experience woking on the front line of education
  •      She has spent Four Thousand Dollars of her own savings to  finance her run in   full  view of the public
  •      As one of the faces of BES, she already a well known person
  •      She sees daily what works and what hasn’t
  •      She could replace one of the people who gave such winners like the last Superintendent

          Remember how much fun that was?

    Please pass this around to all the teachers, parents, and neighbors that for once a real chance to make a difference by electing someone we all know. While we may not all appreciate her, Cynthia has taken it it upon herself to jump in for the kids.

What have YOU done?  Get out and Vote November 4th

Cynthia Moore District 5 School Board


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