Be Present Yourself During Job Interview

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First thing’s first: Research. This is your chance to make your interviewer’s jaw drop. Study the company you’re aiming for to better understand its accomplishments and overall system. A good source is usually the company’s website, if available. Being able to talk about the organization with confidence will fully imply you’re doing the homework. Do yourself a favor and take initiative. While researching the organization, also make sure you try to collect some information from the interviewer. Useful information could go from learning and pronouncing his/her name properly, to what sports or goals the interviewer has achieved. If he/she has a high ranking in the company, the interviewer may be even listed on the site, along with some personal information that may be useful to you.

Dress to impress! Companies need to know that you’re a professional, not just the person next door who rarely takes care of the way he/she dresses. Usually a conservative suit (black or gray, for instance) would do the job, and your future boss will love you for it. Trust me. When it comes to clothing, just make sure you look conservative, traditional, and professional. Be confident. The thing you want to avoid the most is being paranoid, because this will only lead to unnecessary outcomes. Being confident may include giving a firm hand shake, a positive attitude, a nice, striking smile, and keeping eye contact.

Be ready to answer some common questions! Possible interview questions may include:

– Why did you leave your last job (if any)
– What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses
– What did you enjoy the most about your last job
– What are your future career goals
– Why do you think you would be a good candidate in our organization

Whatever you do, just remember to breathe and take things one step at a time. In the end, DO NOT overly ponder what the interviewer will say or ask! By all means stay alert, but do not get ahead of yourself. This will only make you hesitate when responding back to him/her. Stay right on point. Whatever questions the interviewer asks you, make sure you answer in a detailed, yet concise way. They simply need to know the why, what, how, etc. Save the small talk for whenever it is appropriate, such as a conversation ice-breaker about the weather.

The interview is not all about being overly serious. While sitting on the hot seat, smile frequently and actually MEAN IT. Send a powerful message that you’re a humorous person. Everyone loves a down-to-earth individual. You don’t have to sit there frozen like a stone either. Just make sure you do this at the right time, and your true colors will surely be noticed. After the interview is over, send the interviewer a nice thank-you note a day or two later. This will show him/her it is in your best interest that you land the job you’re looking for.


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