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There are several blogs available to people out there that are struggling to understand ADHD. One of them is The website is put out by an ADHD coach, who is senior certified, Tara McGillicuddy. This lady has worked with children, teens, and adults with this disorder. I’ve also noticed that her website has over 1500 members, and a number of ADHD events posted. is another comprehensive website which has all aspects of ADHD on it. The website has information about medications, newsletters posted in the archives, blogs and talk about school and learning disabilities, a magazine that they offer, and ways to connect.

The WebMD site has a blog and informational section all about ADHD. The site,, is focused on the different medication treatments for ADHD, has message boards that are for adults with ADHD, parents of kids with ADHD and some other sections on it. is a website that is another great resource for anyone dealing with ADHD at all, whether it be a parent of a child, an adult, or caretaker. This site also has links to books about ADHD such as Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking, by Jerry Wyckoff, and other publications concerning ADHD and learning disabilities.

The website is another comprehensive website that offers tons of information about this attention disorder and they have a newsletter that you can sign up for in order to receive updates on blogs. There are medication facts mentioned, parenting kids with ADHD, adult ADHD, and alternatives to treating ADHD other than the use of drugs to control it. The blog is by Dr. Kenny Handelman, of whom is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry. His intention for developing this site was to keep parents abreast of the latest developments on ADHD and give information as directions to other networks for support.

ADHD and Marriage is a website, that once you sign up, you can blog on, get support from other people with the same problems, and they also have several forums on this site. Some of the forums are anger and frustration, families with ADHD kids, communication problems, diagnosis of ADHD, organization, and just about any ADHD related subject you can think of.

These are some of the best and most informative sites I’ve seen on the net. I do hope that they help someone out there going through this problem.


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