Danger Signals to Watch For in Your Marriage

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Apathy. If your once attentive spouse no longer seems interested in or concerned about your relationship, this could be cause for alarm. A sudden unexplainable change in attitude towards you is not normal.

Hostility. Your mate has become increasingly short tempered with you or seems to be picking fights for no real reason. This could be because he or she feels guilt over getting involved in an affair.

Avoidance. Your spouse begins spending a lot of time going places without you or making plans and not inviting you. Regardless of whether this is due to lack of interest in you or a possible affair, it is not a good sign.

Secrecy. Your mate suddenly begins rushing to answer the phone before you do, hiding bills that you used to see and goes missing for periods of time. These are some of the most classic signs that a person is having an affair.

Ridicule. The love of your life is suddenly acting like your worst enemy. Putting you down, calling you names or even making you feel like you are not good enough.

Lying. Have you caught your mate in one or more lies? If he or she begins lying or omitting things from what they tell you. If they change their stories when questioned or become overly defensive, it is time to take a closer look.

Vanity. Often individuals begin taking more care with their appearance. Men may start dressing nicer or working out at the gym. Women might fix their hair differently or wear more seductive clothing. These are possible signs that your mate is trying to impress someone.

Other changes. Your country fan husband begins listening to rock music. Your wife starts wearing former fitting clothes. Any change that is abnormal for them could be a dangerous sign.

In general, if anything about your spouse feels a bit “off” you should probably look into the cause and meaning behind it. We are often given subtle signals that our marriage is in danger, but fail to recognize them. We should not constantly be searching for clues that our spouse is cheating nor should we close our eyes when the truth is right there.


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