Steps For Weight Loss – Two

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Have you ever noticed that it is mostly the spring season when you are most concerned about shedding weight? The reason being, that we have just crossed the winter season and have put on unnecessary weight due to lack of activity and abundance of rest.

I recently read in an article about some of the steps, rather to be more precise seven steps that may help in reducing the winter weight steadily and swiftly.

The first point is to lighten the salt intake. This really does not mean that you should stop eating salt and discard your dishes of bacon, ham, cheese, chips or pop-corn. All it means is to reduce some amount of salt in the food.

Add yogurt and whey to the daily intake.

Drink lots of water.

Exercise regularly.

And the most important point is to regulate the amount of calories at the snack time.

See, I can remember one more point which I try to follow daily but am still struggling to do it. And it is not to eat anything at least four hours before going to the bed. But, alas in my case I have food and taking my laptop by my side I lay down and when I go to sleep I never know..

Lastly, always record what you ate so that at the end of the day you can have a look at it and try to control your un-necessary food.


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