Tips For Weight Loss

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I have noticed most of the time that whenever I have followed the “crash” diets there is a considerable amount of weight lost in a days or a week. But, however, when I stop it the weight gain is back again. I tried to have a look at it and understand as to why it was happening to me.

I found out that there was less control over the fatty diets.

To lose the weight permanently is a slow process all depending on the metabolic rate and how much is needed to lose.

However, at last I succeeded using some of the tips which I thought of sharing with you:

Never skip the breakfast. I also noticed that on days I skipped my breakfast I used to eat more throughout the day. So, it was better not to skip my breakfast.

Don’t eat anything at least four hours before going to the bed.

It is OK if you have your meal while watching TV but it is never good to have snacks while watching a TV lest you gulp in lots of un-necessary junk instead of a staple food.
Avoid cookies and candies and replace them with fruits for the flavors of the cookies and candies; like banana, watermelon, plum, peach, etc.

Replacing sugar and chocolate with honey and carob powder respectively may help you to reduce weight effectively, since both tastes nearly similar. I myself implemented the first one of replacing sugar with honey and it worked.

Try to eat lots of vegetables especially green ones. This helps in improving the digestive systems as well as does not have anything to harm you either. Even salads too are one of the best ways to consume healthy and good vegetables.

Lastly, exercising regularly and consistently gives a good immune system and shape to the human body.


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