Stop Kids From Spoiling My Weight Plan

If you are a person at home and kids around you are the one who is certain to cry out as to how to control your diet. Do you know why I said this? This is because kids love snacks more than staple food and they will certainly force you to make snacks for them. And once the snacks are on the table; it is very hard to control yourself from having them. And see now, all the hard work spent on controlling the weight starts going down the drain.

So here I am with an article of how to stop the kids from affecting your weight loss even if they force you to make snacks and you wish to eat it even:

  • Prepare some fruity kebabs. This will help the children and you too with no fat and a healthy food.

  • Creamy dates can be provided to the children. This is prepared by slicing the dates in two parts and removing the stones and then adding the Philadelphia cream cheese in it which contains very low fat.

  • Chopped hard-boiled egg served with low fat mayo, salt, pepper and crisp bread will also be a good option.

  • Mashed avocado, sliced tomato and sprouts will be a healthier option and a tastier one too.

  • Chop up tinned pear or any other fruit in natural juice and set in some amount of low calorie jelly. Make this up into small individual disposable plastic containers with lids.

These were some of the dishes that could help both your kid and you. Hope things work fine for you.

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