Do Not Smoking in Front of Children

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Children and pregnant women often become victims of adverse effects of cigarette smoke. No wonder when the protection of children and pregnant women against exposure to tobacco smoke to get special attention.

In the UK, health experts assess the parents who smoke near children, both at home and in cars, can be categorized into violence. Professor Steve Field, Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, called on parents to take greater responsibility to the health of children, even before planning a pregnancy begins.

Related mortality rate mothers who smoke during pregnancy and evidence of research in the United States shows, more children die from bad habits parental smoking than by accident.
Royal College have called for smoking bans for riders who take their children. However, the proposal was rejected as contrary to civil liberties.

Field, in his article in the Sunday newspaper, said, everyone must take greater responsibility for their own health and their children. This attitude was also adopted by the government, but not many regulations governing the subject.

UK Health Department refused to extend the implementation of smoking bans in parks, pubs, entrances, and cars. Minister of Public Health. Anne Milton said the smoking ban legislation has been running well and almost all offices and public places smoke-free.

“Now many families to volunteer to make the sign are prohibited from smoking in their homes to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke on children,” said Milton.

“Public Support for non-smoking laws is very high and growing. Even the majority of smokers now support the legislation. Therefore, we see no reason to be revisited,” said Field.

“On the other hand, we will strive to have the evidence base for controlling the circulation of tobacco and will continue on the public health law,” added Field.

However, Field claims that in the field, the doctors often face constraints in taking people adopt a healthy lifestyle. “Asking parents to stop smoking is not easy and may they refuse. But when shown how to smoke in the home will damage the lungs of children, which causes bronchia disease, asthma, and pain for a lifetime, the parents also began to see it differently, “said Field.


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