Be Careful With Your Facebook!

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Posting something on Facebook is not allowed in vain, particularly for job seekers. A survey revealed, nearly half the firms have rejected the true potential candidates just because the applicants Facebook.

One out of 10 job applicants was rejected because it has been caught posting something about drinking and drugs. Then, 13% for making racist comments, and 9% Other reviewed because it was caught putting obscene pictures on the social networking site pages.

The companies began to check the contents of the applicants for Facebook comparing it with what they send their curriculum vitae. In fact, any company that directly dispose of applications that come in after seeing the applicants Facebook. The description of the impact of Facebook is obtained from a company survey of 450 corporate employees. President of the company says, sites such as Facebook could be a ticking time bomb.

“Many who use networking sites to uncover this “dirty” in cyberspace. Then, clean your “dirty” item before you seek employment. Delete all the contents of images and links that could be a stumbling block in finding jobs,” said company president of surveys these.

One of the other companies admit the biggest mistake made by job seekers can not keep his behavior is on Facebook. Although it has been carefully selecting their CV, but it’s useless if it still has a poor record online and can be viewed by anyone.

So, try to start from now to reduce post things that are less well on Facebook you to avoid things that are not desirable in the future.


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