Preparing For Marriage

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     Practice monogamy. If you have more than one dating partner, or you switch between mates, you’ll have to eliminate this practice immediately. In marriage, only one partner is allowed. Sounds obvious? Well, cheating is a show stopper and appears to be one of the primary causes of divorce.

     Get your finances in order. If you’re young, you have time to do this together; however, if you’re older, it is expected that you have accumulated resources already. I recommend assessing your current financial resources to ensure that you can either support your partner, or at least contribute your financial share to the many requirements: Cars, houses, children, vacations, etc.

     Have a physical exam. If you’ve been dating for years, this may not be a major concern; however, if this is a quickly marriage you’re preparing for, get the exam. Doing this will ensure that you don’t start a marriage without knowing that your health will be a burden – be it a serious disease or a sexually transmitted disease.

     Adjust your attitude. Develop patience; become selfless in your attitude; learn to relax under demands. Any married couple will tell you that without these characteristics you’re headed for trouble. Not unlike spending time with anyone, you need to have an attitude of tolerance and the ability to be passive at times.


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