Earn Money Writing – How to Improve Your Writing Skills

     Read about writing and read the work of others. Pick-up a grammar book and learn more about the mechanics of writing. Although you may have abhorred grammar in school, reading a little about it now will pay big dividends as you write for your career. Reading the work of other writers will give you great ideas about how to write creatively. You can pick up almost any written piece to see samples of writing about just about anything: Bukisa, E-how, and other internet articles, magazines, and books.

     Think about what you want to write. Writing requires thinking; the more logically you think, the easier it is to write. For example, if you want to write an article about love, sex, or career, you have to think about the main point you want to make first; once you’ve presented the main point, provide sufficient and relevant evidence to support your point in the body of your writing. Great examples will add substance to your writing. After providing the main point and support/body, it will be easy to write the conclusion to your main point or idea. As you write your conclusion, don’t bring up new ideas that have not been supported in the body. Instead, repeat the main idea and the conclusion that logically follow from your evidence.

     Practice writing. Write often! Don’t wait for an official opportunity to write. Write things for yourself to include things such as your short and long term plans, your biography, your resume’, and proposed awards for yourself. At work, take on writing projects without being asked: Write proposals, point papers, process documents, etc.

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