You Can do Better

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Some 4 years after British band “The Zutons” released their debut album “Who Killed The Zutons?” they released their third studio album “You Can Do Anything”. Recorded in the USA the album was the follow up to “Tired of Hangin’ Around”and had seen band member Boyan Chowdhury leaving and Paul Molloy coming in to replace him as the bands leader guitarist. The album featured 12 tracks and its running time was around 49 minutes. Aside from Chowdhury leaving the band they were the same as they had been for their previous albums. Dave McCabe was the bands front man though the album saw the roe of sexy saxophone player Abi Harding really evolve from eye candy into the bands star.

The album was preceded by the release of the single “Always Right Behind You” (the albums 8th track) which peaked at #26 in the UK top 40, one of only 2 singles to be released from the album (“Whats Your Problem?” being the other). From the single it was evident the band had grown up from their early tracks which had been fun catchy affairs and had really become a much deeper indie rock band and it shows from the start of the album. The opening track is starts with a dirty, darker and more grown up sound than much of their previous work before launching into a much harder hitting rock track their their early work yet kept much of the same catchiness about it. Though it’s the band range of tracks that makes this album the best they’ve done to date, ranging from catchy toe-tappers, to harder catchy rock to intelligent stories.

The evolution of the band is also interest, where as McCabe was always the lead singer and song writer Harding comes into her own having the composer credit on 6 of the tracks and the vocals on one of the album stand out tracks “You Could Make The 4 Walls Cry”. The track shows that the band has 2 very capable vocalist. Though McCabe does dominate the rest of the album which despite the changes from the older albums has plenty of similarities. Tracks like “Family of Leeches”, “What’s your Problem?” and “Freak” could easily have featured on the bands debut album with their catchy lyrics. It’s the combination of the older sounding stuff and the evolution of Harding as an artist that really completes this album and makes it a definite step forward for he band from Liverpool who appeared to grow up in the album. From fun filled almost gimmick like band of catchiness into a genuine indie rock band.

For fans of their earlier stuff this album could be seen as a move away from what made them so great to start with though in the grander scope it’s made them a much more rounded band and leaves you wanting to see what they will do when (and if) album #4 comes along.


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