Make a Hoodie Purse

If you have a favorite hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) that doesn’t fit well anymore or has seen better days but you are unwilling to get rid of it, you could make it into a simple and fun purse. Even if you don’t currently have a hoodie you can pick up something cute and cheap at a thrift store and turn it into a unique purse. With very minimal sewing you can create a fun and unique purse.

Depending on the size of purse you want in the end will decide what size hoodie to start with. In most cases a small will work just fine. However if you prefer smaller purses consider looking for a child’s hoodie. Some hoodies have hand pockets on the bottom of the front of the shirt, if you want to keep those then you will want to not cut anything off from the bottom of your hoodie. However, many of those pockets make it pretty easy to loose anything in those pockets so if you keep them consider sewing up the opening a bit to make the pockets more secure. If you want to shorten your hoodie and there either isn’t pockets or you don’t care much about the pockets then you can cut some of the bottom off and potentially use that fabric to sew into the hoodie back to create an extra pocket.

Start with turning your hoodie inside out and even up the bottom of the sweatshirt. Holding it all straight sew across the bottom of the sweatshirt, all the way across, very sturdy since this will be the bottom of your purse. Turn the hoodie back right side out. Lay your hoodie flat and pull the sleeves up above the sweatshirt. Overlap the sleeve ends, these will be sewed together to create your handles for your purse.

With the bottom sewed closed and the sleeves sewed together to create the handles, you are basically done. The hood part of the sweatshirt will naturally hang over the neck opening to close the purse. If you are more craft inclined you can add pockets or embellishments. This is a great project for a beginning sewer and is especially great for teens to reuse their favorite hoodie. In just a very short time you can create a unique and fun purse!

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