Solo The Spirit of Java: Solo's Past is Solo's Future

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Solo, which is located in Central Java, Indonesia is a place that is already known as a center of Javanese culture. In this city, the ancient Javanese culture is preserved in two palaces, Kasunanan Palace and Pura Mangkunegaran Palace where Sultan still lives there. Not only in the performing arts, the values of the Javanese culture is still reflected in the life philosophy of the society. However, in modern life, these values is slowly left behind and started to be forgotten by the young people of Solo.

The Mayor of Solo saw that these values is one of the city assets. In 2006, he started to introduce “Solo the Spirit of Java” to brand the city with its cultural heritages, and spread it throughout the world. With this program he wanted to show, not only to the international, but mostly to Solo people that they have to preserve their culture. In many interviews, he stated that “Solo’s past is the Solo’s future”.

In the past, Solo is well known as the place where you can find traditional performing arts, and many beautiful traditional crafts. The Mayor wanted to bring the greatness of Solo’s past as the city’s resources to reach the future’s success. As soon as this program was launched, the Mayor started to make a lot of cultural events and developments in the cultural departments. And the waiting wasn’t in vain, because later in 2009, the city received many awards, most of them were because of the success of “Solo the Spirit of Java”. 

Many agreed that the success of the Mayor, which has brought him to win the second election, was because of his integrity and his willingness to see and learn from the history of Solo. Other stated that the success of the city development was because of the ability to explore the city’s intangible assets such as cultural heritage. The strategy the Mayor used is now become the good example for many other Mayors and Governors in Indonesia to develop their cities and provinces too. 


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