List of Coffee Shops in The Philippines

List of Coffee shops in the Philippines

In Metro Manila alone you can see a lot of coffee shops in malls, nearby offices, business district, schools, gasoline stations, bus stations, airports and almost every where.

Here is the List of Famous coffee shops in the Philippines

Starbucks – you can see starbucks in any biggest malls in the Philippines. Specially in Metro ManilaArea.

                     In Makatialone  there were like more than 30 starbucks from Malls, offices and nearby                         comdominiun.                                       

                      Starbucks serves healthy sandwiches and salads.

Coffee bean  and Tea leaf – coffee bean is well known for its unique taste. You can find coffee bean in Malls around  metro Manila. Compare to Starbucks the price of Coffee bean is more kind a expensive.

Bo’s Coffee – one of my favorite hangout coffee shop in Katipunan Quezon city

Seattle’s Best – Compare than starbucks Seattlebest is less cheaper and they also serve breakfast meal and unlimited wifi. Seattlesbest is a good place to hang out or study they’re crowded as Starbucks

Figaro – One of the oldest coffee shops in the Philippines. Some people notice that Figaro is a favorite hangout place of the oldies

Kopiroti –  Famous in Singaporenow in the Philippines. Kopiroti coffee is different from other list of coffee shops. Kopiroti came from the word Kopi and Roti. Roti means bread. Kopiroti is one of my favorite hang out place in Katipunan. The Price is cheap and the food and bread is very delicious I gave it 5 star.

UCC – if you like strong coffee I recommend UCC.

Mc café – owned and Managed by Mcdonald Philippines. The price is cheap compare to starbucks.

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