Special K Diet Plan – Does It Work?

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Well What Is the Special K Diet Plan?

Now, we’ve all seen it on TV.  The lady in the lovely red dress? Well what exactly is this Special K Diet plan?

Kelloggs Special K Diet plan is quite easy to follow. It comprises of three meals a day, two of which are a measured amount of the cereal with skimmed milk, while the third meal is a well-balanced meal.

Along with it, the dieter can eat unlimited amounts of fruits, salads, coffee or tea without sugar.  However, this diet should not be carried out for more than two weeks, during which, the dieter on an average loses a jean size.

Does the Special K Diet Plan Work?                                                   

It’s claimed with the Special K Diet Plan you can lose as muchas six pounds in about two weeks.  It’s a high carbohydrates low fat diet, which is said to be beneficial in the long run.

To answer the question, “Does the Special K Diet Plan work”?, I would say although effective (if applied properly) it does not protect you from keeping the pounds from piling on again! as it’s quite easy to be tempted to snack in between meals which will cause you to pile on the pounds and this is highly likely; unless you have strong will power as the Special K diet plan lacks fibre and is highly processed.  Hence, it is not recommended for a long term weight loss procedure.

Admittedly, if done the WRONG way, weight loss can be one of the hardest things to accomplish—it takes a lot of motivation and willpower to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.

Many people will try fad diets, which may work well in the short term but can do more harm than good in the long term. Plus, the weight can simply come straight back.

In order to effectively and easily lose weight, you need to practice good exercise and eat a healthy, sensible diet pulling from all five food groups. Only then can you lose weight and keep it off completely.


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