An Undead Nightmare For Fans of Red Dead Redemption?

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Zombies. Some people love them; others hate them, and gamers… Well, gamers are the same. Recent years have seen an increase in zombies outside of zombie games, starting with a small bonus map in Call of Duty: World at War. Zombies have become the standard add-on creature, appearing in dlc for Borderlands, World at War and – rumour has it – Fat Princess. The announcement of Undead Nightmare prompted some outcry from fans, mocking Rockstar for their lack of originality, and deriding zombies as clichéd. Of course, they could be right – zombie games, such as the resident evil series, have always been popular, and zombies make classic enemies. But adding the undead to Revolver doesn’t show a complete lack of creativity, at least in principle.

Firstly, the old west is not a common setting for zombie games. Cowboys versus zombies sounds like a good idea, but not one seen in video games before. The idea of fighting hordes of zombies with antique rifles and revolvers, reload times hideously drawn out as the enemy shuffles closer, suggest a great amount of fun suspense can be gained from the concept. Escaping zombies on horseback or by carriage, trying to avoid being bogged down by a mass of reanimated corpses and dragged from the saddle, also sounds fun.

New details from Rockstar reveal that the DLC will feature a new, single-player campaign following John Marston as he tries to find a cure for the highly infectious zombie plague that has spread across the frontier. It will also feature new gameplay mechanics and undead animals – not to mention mythical animals! New weapons and a secret location are also promised, although no details are given. It seems unlikely that everyone’s favourite zombie-fighting weapon, the chainsaw, will appear though.

But what about the critics? Complaints that zombies will ruin the realistic enviorment created by Red Dead Redemption seem uncalled for – after all, it is not compulsory to buy downloadable content, and a few zombie skins shouldn’t ruin multiplayer. Anyway, Rockstar is keeping the actual content of their future downloadable content tightly under wraps, so we have no real knowledge of how the undead will even feature in Red Dead Redemption.

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